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Got color?

Home of the rainbow challenge
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- If you have any question or find something unclear, feel free to send alexination a PM -

The Rainbow challenge kinda begs for being mixed with other challenges, such as ISBI, or Poverty, an uglacy, matriarchy challenge, a pixel_trade challenge, alphabet challenge, or whatever. If you choose to mix it with another legacy then it's fine to promote it here as long as have a minimum requirement of the rainbow challenge (the first two rules!)

Challenge Rules

1. The neitre gist of the challenge is that each generation must correspond to a specific colour on the colour wheel. The allocated colour must be obvious in each generation, but how you implement that is completely up to you. Anything goes, showing the colour through hair, make up, wardrobe, home décor, etc. We only used primary and secondary colours for this to keep it simple. The generation allocation is as follows:

2. Offspring for each generation should be named something that corresponds to the allocated colour for that generation. For example, for gen 3 (red), you could name your children Scarlet, Crimson, Heat, Strawberry, Blood-Count, etc. Have fun with it and feel free to be as creative as you want.

3. You can of course choose how many generations you would like to attempt. Here are three suggestions:
- 3 Generations (the primary colours: yellow, red & blue)
- 8 Generations (the primary and secondary colours)
- 10 Generations (bonus black and white rounds)

4. You can choose any shade of a particular color, from dark to screaming bright to pastel. As long as the colour is identifiable, it’s A-okay with us.

5. We take no responsibility for any retina scarring that may occur due to overexposure to colour.

6. You don't have to follow the exact order of the colors like we posted above, you can rearrange the colors to match any generation you want. What we posted above is just a suggestion.

Optional: The family surname should be the word “rainbow” in your native language. Also allowed is anything synonymous with rainbows in your part of the world (something from a legend or story, maybe a word you made up as a kid, whatever floats your boat).

Community Rules

- The most important rule is to respect the other members of the community.

- Please only have one teaser picture outside the fake-cut and don't let the picture be bigger than 600x600px.

- This community is for both Sims 2 and Sims 3.

- Do not disable comments comments on your entries.

- Don't advertise any other communities without alexination's permission.


- If you haven't gotten a tag yet, don't worry. Just go ahead and post and add the tag "!tag-needed" and I will get around to it. If you want to post a second entry and I still haven't added a tag, keep adding the "!tag-needed" tag so that I easily can track your posts later and add the needed tags for all of your posts.

- When you get your tag it will look like this: "username:legacyfamilylastname". Use this tag whenever you post with that Legacy. If you have more than one Legacy, you'll get a different tag with the other Legacy family's last name. This way your Legacy entries will be separated, but your tags will still be in a row on the tag list.

- Also tag your entries with the current color you are on. If you have a color that doesn't have a tag, send a PM to alexination. Your color tags may overlap (since generation orange might be alive when generation red is ruling).

Sharing Sims

- In this community you may also share your Rainbowcy Sims. Just use the same tags as always plus the "!rainbowsims" tag and you're all set.

- When you're downloading a Sim, always use the Clean Installer. This allows you to choose what CC you want to install (if any at all).

Hall of fame
(those who have finished the challenge)


History of the Rainbow Challenge

dolly_riot and scarred_id needed a challenge. One that made them have to think of clever ways to use it, but did not impose too many “your sim must start in a house this size, with this much cash, and you can only use this item and that thingamabob”. They were rebels at heart and do not do well with being told what to do, so they figured they’d go with rules that promote creativity instead of rules that restrict how you play the game.

Sadly, the community became inactive for a few months as both dolly_riot and scarred_id had lost interest in the game. They posted in the community and asked if anyone wanted to take over... and that is I, alexination, came to be the new community maintainer.

Why this community?
This is made because we were thrilled to see that many wanted to play along, and its really difficult to keep up with checking everyone's LJ.