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Sugar, spice and everything nice!
alexination wrote in rainbowlegacy
Hello, dear community! Even if it is very quiet around here (including myself being away for a while) but I hope that some time soon we'll get some life back here. It's still nice to have this here to look back at the old rainbow legacies of the past!

November is a terrible busy month for almost everyone as it is less than a month away from the Holidays which (thankfully) means vacation for most of us. If you live around where I live it also means that you can basically kiss the sun goodbye for the next five months. But being forced to spend so much time inside might not be all bad, for example it might give you enough time to do some things that are frowned upon when it is warm and nice outside... for me that thing is playing sims for hours and hours. Which is why I am installing Sims 2 on my new computer!
    So, even if you don't play sims anymore, or you do play but not just a rainbow legacy... maybe you'll find some fun here re-reading a legacy here for nostalgia. For the rest of you, hope to see some more of those colorful sims! :)




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